• business and postal address in Amsterdam
  • 020 phone number for your company
  • all handling taken care of
  • shared offices
  • flexible work spaces
  • meeting facilities

Virtual office

Business Centre Kaap Noord offers entrepreneurs the possibility to choose Kaap Noord as a business and postal address for Amsterdam, without having to be physically present at Kaap Noord. This could be a postal address, a business address, or a registration address for the Chamber of Commerce. Businesses can use the office address and services of Business Centre Kaap Noord Kaap Noord to register a main branch or branch office in Amsterdam.

By virtually establishing your business at Kaap Noord, you can benefit from the image of our Business Centre as a business address, a centrally located business address in Amsterdam as a virtual business location in the shape of a Virtual Office.

A virtual registration at our address can be combined with the availability of meeting and conference rooms and flex-places on demand. This way, you can make optimum use of the virtual and flexible options for businesses at Kaap Noord. You can also use our services to receive and/or send mail on behalf of your company. We also offer you the possibility to use our phone solutions, such as an own 020 number and a phone answering service.

If you use a virtual office, we will collect your mail and store it or pass it on. We can also open it, scan the contents and mail it, or – if required – take care of the handling or follow-up. We also offer the possibility to take care of the basic administration and calendar management on your behalf. Additional services are mailings, printing, copying, binding, sorting, compiling, and sending documents and packages, up until fulfilment. In short, creating structure in your office/branch in the Netherlands/Amsterdam.

Flextime working

Using the possibilities for virtual registration can also be combined with the possibilities of renting a flex-place on a temporary or permanent basis, or by using our meeting facilities.

Besides the possibility to rent an independent office or serviced office semi-permanently, Kaap Noord also offers flexitime-working solutions. These can for example be co-working, flex-places in a shared office, office per hour, day, or week. Flexible renters, users of flex-places, and companies that use virtual establishment solutions of Kaap Noord can use the meeting facilities at a reduced rate.